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Create custom listings for each of your services and get in front of healthcare Providers, today!

We offer 2 categories for Ancillary Service Providers. Choose your category, create your business account in minutes, and connect directly with our top-rated healthcare Providers.


Medical Ancillary Providers

Services or supplies that are typically not provided in a medical office setting. Examples include...

  • Mobile imaging

  • DME, PPE


  • Home health care

  • Hospice

  • Specialty labs

  • Compounding Rx

and more...

Business/Office Services

Support services that help Providers run their businesses more efficiently. Examples include...

  • Billing, Credentialing

  • RCM, A/R

  • Cleaning services

  • Staffing, Payroll

  • IT, EMR

  • Marketing, SEO

  • Legal, Insurance

and more...

Go Direct

Avoid middlemen and brokers. Don’t hire more sales reps to battle the dreaded “gatekeeper”. When you partner with CPMD you will create custom listings that connect you directly with our top-rated Providers. When a Provider is interested in your service listing you will be sent their contact information to communicate offline. Use our free CRM to track all leads and contacts.

Custom Listings

Create Custom Listings

Create up to three (3) compelling listings each uniquely tailored to your target market. Choose your desired specialty, sub-specialty, add service features and a few pics, then write a catchy title and description. Each listing can target different Providers and markets and you can change them as often as you’d like.

Save Time & Money

Hiring more sales reps means more expenses, payroll and sales commissions, taxes, gas, windshield time, and people to manage. Save your time and money by putting your marketing dollars to work with custom-targeted listings on the #1 marketplace for healthcare Providers. Also, use your personalized CPMD business profile page link on other social media and marketing channels to draw in traffic.

Lower Costs
Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

  • Utilize our Free CRM Platform to track all of your business contacts and leads.

  • Leverage your Custom Business Profile page on all marketing and social media channels.

  • Streamline your marketing dollars directly towards your target market.

  • Reduce operating expenses while leveraging technology to garner new leads and accounts.

How it Works

  • 1
    Sign up and complete your profile. We verify your business category and information. Once they are verified your business is active on the marketplace.
  • 2
    Create up to three (3) custom listings. You can target any CPMD category, specialty, or subspecialty.
  • 3
    Add your service name and description, choose from our list of service features, then add a few pictures.
  • 4
    Providers find your unique business listing, click CONTACT ME, and their contact information is sent directly to your inbox.
  • 5
    Add the Provider to your free CPMD CRM and communicate with them offline.
  • 6
    CPMD does not take any percentages or commissions.
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