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Eliminate the Insurance Runaround

Start working directly with Patients to determine the best care at the right price. CashPriceMD puts you in control of your healthcare decisions. Create your custom service offerings and set your prices. Then sit back and let us do our job.

Provider Benefits

Save Time

Imagine if you could eliminate insurance denials, records requests, prior authorizations, clawbacks, or medical billing all together. How much time and money would you save? With CashPriceMD, we make this a reality.

Reduce Overhead

Eliminate the wasted time your staff spends on the phone with insurance payers for eligibility and benefits, referral requests, appeals, and reimbursements. Not to mention, sending patient bills that go straight to accounts receivables. Start investing that time back into your patients and delivering quality care.

Complete Autonomy

Select the services you would like to offer, customize each service as you see medically fit, and set your fair market price. The days of arguing with health insurance payers have come to an end. Welcome to CashPriceMD.

Attract New Patients

When you get started with CashPriceMD you attract new patients that pay before their appointment, meaning they are more likely to show up and less likely to cancel. Our patient-provider centric model ensures complete transparency and no surprise bills.

Grow Your Business

With CashPriceMD you can put your marketing on autopilot, do what you do best, and trust that your direct deposit will arrive on time! Faster and more predictable payments equate to an increase in cash flow and a healthy bottom line.

Grow Your Business

How it Works

  • 1
    Sign up and complete your profile. We verify all of your information including NPI, medical license, expiration dates, board certifications, and clinic information. Once verified you are active on the marketplace.
  • 2
    Select the services you would like to offer, customize each one and set your prices. Add, modify, or delete any service at any time.
  • 3
    We market your profile and portfolio of services to Patients seeking quality care at fair prices.
  • 4
    Patients search and find your unique service listing, pay CPMD upfront, then contact your office to schedule an appointment. We escrow the funds until services are rendered.
  • 5
    Your new patient shows up and receives quality care. No medical billing is required and there is no money to collect!
  • 6
    We deposit your funds into your bank account every 2nd and 4th Friday, minus a 10% CPMD fee. The CPMD fee covers:
    • Our in-house SEO experts optimize and market your profile and services
    • all credit card processing fees
    • all patient concerns, refund requests, chargebacks, and disputes
    • all banking fees associated with direct deposits, schedules, and payouts
    • all accounting and 1099 yearly tax documents
    • 24/7 Provider customer service and support

Join Today Risk-Free

No upfront fees or monthly subscriptions

We pay you after your patient shows, and completes the service

Setup your business profile, services, and cash prices in just minutes


Commitment to Care

As a healthcare provider, you had a vision for care when you started your journey in medicine. We are sure that vision did not include fighting with insurance companies about getting your patients the care they need. Like you, we were tired of diagnosing our patients, discussing their treatments, and identifying the best course of action, only to have it denied by an insurance company.

You’ll work directly with your patients to determine the best care for them without worrying about billing codes, prior authorizations, or approval for procedures. CashPriceMD is focused on helping connect doctors and other healthcare providers with patients so you can focus on healing the communities you serve.

Partnering with CashPriceMD allows you to build another line of revenue without increasing the workload on your admin or billing staff. Because your patients pay for services before they arrive, you don’t worry about when you’ll receive payment. Advance paying also helps to eliminate late cancellations and no‐show patients. This allows you to accurately schedule patients without unplanned downtime. By utilizing our platform, providers typically receive a payment within four business days of completing the service.

CashPriceMD is designed to help serve every one of our patients, regardless of their current insurance status. When patient insurance claims are repeatedly denied and patients are seeking quality care, upfront and transparent pricing can be the solution. To better serve people in our communities underinsured or uninsured, our pricing model helps people plan and pay for their care. Our model helps take out the guesswork and surprise costs that people often experience with insurance claims.

What does my CashPriceMD quote include?
  • The complete appointment. With CashPriceMD, there are no copays or hidden charges for the visit.
  • All professional, technical, and facility fees are bundled into one transparent price. Patients never worry about getting hit with surprise charges or unexpected bills after their appointment.
What is not included in the quote?
  • Based on your physical exam, Providers may recommend additional diagnostics or tests at point‐of‐care. However, the Patient and Provider must both agree to the additional services and fees.
  • Providers often customize their services to provide unique benefits for their patients. Patients are encouraged to carefully read the details for each service to compare.

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