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Fully insured, underinsured, or uninsured, we’ve got you covered! All prices on our marketplace are cash, with hospital transparent pricing including cash pay surgery centers, so Providers can customize their services and procedures and set their fair market price. Avoiding the hassle of medical billing and insurance denials means Providers save time and money and are willing to pass those savings along to you. Welcome to the future of healthcare.

Health Care

Patient Benefits

Freedom of Choice

Yes, you read that correctly. With CashPriceMD you are in control of your own healthcare decisions. Get medical care, no insurance required. No more in/out of network confusion, denials, referrals, or prior authorizations are required. Obtaining quality healthcare is easy for self-pay patients. Simply search, compare, and buy healthcare services and procedures that you need, when you need them, at the cash price that fits your budget. Pay online, schedule your appointment, show up, and save.

Save Money

Have you ever received a surprise medical bill from your health insurance company? Ever get a balance bill from a Provider you visited? “I thought that was covered and in‐network”? Say goodbye to the stress of hidden fees, deductibles, copays, and balance bills. With CashPriceMD you are afforded upfront, transparent, and fair pricing on hundreds of services and procedures.

Save Time

Our patient‐centric approach connects you directly with Providers and allows you to search, compare, buy, and schedule appointments in just minutes from the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the time you’ve wasted on the phone with insurance payers arguing about networks, covered procedures, denials, referrals, prior authorizations, and of course the bills! No more long wait times!

Complete Transparency

Providers can personalize their service listings with additional line items and bundled pricing. Their listing price includes all technical, professional, and facility fees allowing you to make a sound buying decision for you and your family. Making your purchase upfront helps the Provider’s staff prepare for your appointment and avoid any hidden fees and unexpected bills.

Quality Providers

Our portfolio of Providers is thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the highest standards of care. We verify every Provider that registers before they are active on the marketplace to accept new Patients. This includes their NPI, state medical license, expiration dates, specialties, board certifications, and business information. Our system alerts both us and the Provider when actions are required and deactivates a Provider if updated information is not provided.

How it Works

Getting quality medical care without insurance is possible. Avoid hidden fees by learning the
transparent cost of services, procedures, and liscensed providers including cash pay surgery options.
Consider the following steps to learn how easy it is to gain access to affordable healthcare.

  • 1
    Feel free to search our portfolio of services, procedures, and Providers free of charge with no obligation.
  • 2
    If you find a service you would like to purchase you will need to sign up for an account. This only takes a minute and is free of charge.
  • 3
    Once your account is setup you are ready to start shopping and making purchases on the marketplace.
  • 4
    Select the service you would like, add to cart, and securely checkout.
  • 5
    You will receive an email receipt of your purchase including the service information, details, and the Provider’s contact information.
  • 6
    Contact your Provider and schedule your appointment. Same day appointments are available in some cases.
  • 7
    Show up to your appointment and receive quality care.
What does my CashPriceMD quote include?
  • The complete appointment. With CashPriceMD, there are no copays or hidden charges for the visit.
  • All professional, technical, and facility fees are bundled into one transparent price. Patients never worry about getting hit with surprise charges or unexpected bills after their appointment.
What is not included in the quote?
  • Based on your physical exam, Providers may recommend additional diagnostics or tests at point‐of‐care. However, the Patient and Provider must both agree to the additional services and fees.
  • Providers often customize their services to provide unique benefits for their patients. Patients are encouraged to carefully read the details for each service to compare.


CashPriceMD is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the quality care they deserve. We guarantee that you’ll receive the services you’ve booked without paying more than advertised. If you ever have an issue with an appointment, we’ll guarantee that we’ll work with you to identify and implement a solution that works for you.

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