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Richard Eller

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About Richard Eller

Experienced general surgeon providing in-office aesthetic procedures including laser liposuction, fat grafting and body contouring in addition to traditional general surgery. I also serve as a wellness physician, offering non-surgical approaches to weight management. We have a team which includes a PA and medical aesthetician to provide the latest skin rejuvenation services and laser treatments.

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    About CashPriceMD

    The days of arguing with your insurance provider about necessary procedures, providers, and treatment options are coming to an end. CashPriceMD was founded for patients and healthcare providers in order to eliminate the struggle of working through insurance companies to deliver care that they both agree upon. Eliminating the insurance runaround, CashPriceMD helps to improve the quality of your care by providing upfront pricing that puts you in control of your healthcare decisions.

    CashPriceMD was created by medical providers who were tired of seeing their patients be denied the care they deserved based on insurance decisions made thousands of miles away. Instead, we believe that providing transparent costs can help serve every segment of our population, whether you’re fully insured, underinsured, or uninsured. Understanding the care you need and the price you’ll pay helps everyone feel more secure with their healthcare decisions.

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